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Green's House of Green

Completely and utterly obsessed with the brilliance that is Parks and Recreation, and Adam Scott who is terrible face-wise.

Mainly use my tumblr account (benwyattandcondescendingturtles.tumblr.com) for my fangirling and LJ to read fanfiction.

I am contemplating working on writing some fic of my own so please bear with me and feel free to offer assistance at all times, especially since I've never attempted fanfic before.

I was totally obsessed with house (huddy especially) ... hence following a bit of web searching DISCOVERED LJ! so i had to get one and join...despite being completely technologically inept...hence no graphics or pretty things for my lj!

I am a huge fan (almost too much) and at my own educational detriment of tv and movies, and spend copious amounts of time watching and discussing online.

I'm a total science nerd, and get very passionate very easily about random things...I'm also a 3rd year radiography student at university in Melbourne, Australia and use LJ as a form of procrastination...most of all i like to discuss and debate random things and just have fun before life in the real world takes over!